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Meet the Governors

In the interests of transparency, governing bodies are required to publish up-to-date details of governance arrangements.

The structure, names and roles of Lindow's Governing Body are published on this page.

The school's Instrument of Government defines the structure of the Governing Body; there are currently no vacancies.

Additional information is as follows:

All members of the Governing Body have affirmed that "neither I nor my close family have any financial interest in any company / organisation from which the school may wish to purchase goods or service".

All governors except Associate Governors and our Clerk, Mrs Chris Kirkham, have voting rights on full Governing Body decisions. Associate Governors may be given a vote on decisions made by committees to which they are appointed. 

Governing Body Members


Governors Category Date Appointed Term of Office End of term  Appointed by Attendance 2021/22
            Meetings Attended
Jo Dunn (Chair) Co-opted by GB 01/09/2019 4 years 19/05/2023  GB 13 13
Zoe Wilson Headteacher
n/a n/a n/a 13 13
Marie Griffiths Co-opted by GB 01/09/2020 4 years 31/08/2024  GB 10 8
Hannah Senior             Elected Parent 05/04/2019 4 years 04/04/2023  Parent elected 10 10
Gareth Jones Co-opted by GB 24/07/2021 4 years 23/07/2025  GB 10 5
Laura Fleming Co-opted by GB 10/03/2021 4 years 09/03/2025  GB 10 9
Jo Breakell (Vice-Chair) Co-opted by GB 21/12/2021 4 years 20/12/2025 GB 10 9
Craig McGuire Elected Parent 11/02/2022 4 years 10/02/2026  Parent elected 6 6
Kate Unwin LA appointed 06/02/2019 4 years 05/02/2023  LA 10 9
Lisa Oakes Staff elected 01/01/2022 4 years 31/12/2025  Staff elected 6 6
Tom O'Keefe Associate 19/04/2022 n/a n/a GB 4 4
Victoria Lightfoot Staff elected 01/01/2017 4 years 31/12/2021   Staff elected 3 2
Richard Norris Co-opted by GB - - resigned 20/10/2021  GB 1 1
Amelia Lomas Associate - - resigned 19/11/2021  GB 2 1
Chris Kirkham Clerk 21/07/2015 n/a n/a  GB 3 3

Biography of Governing Body members

Zoe Wilson – Headteacher

Before becoming Headteacher at Lindow in September 2015, I spent 13 years at Charles Darwin Primary School in Northwich where I taught across both Key Stages and was Deputy Head for 5 years. I also led English and engaging children in writing, through the use of inspiring texts, one of my passions.

I am thrilled to be working at Lindow. I knew the second I walked through the door that this was the school for me. The warm, welcoming atmosphere, exceptional children and talented staff really sold it to me!

When I’m not at work I can usually be found outdoors, either walking my dog Lola, hiking or biking in the mountains or running.

Jo Dunn – Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

I studied Law & Financial Services at Sheffield Hallam University, and have worked for over 25 years within the financial services industry in a compliance/ auditing role, with roles as a director with responsibility for accounting/finance, human resources and training, in addition to compliance.

I have two children who both attended Lindow Primary School and are now at Wilmslow High School. They gained so much, in so many ways, from attending Lindow. I spent two rewarding years as Treasurer on the school’s PTA and also enjoyed helping on a variety of school trips and activities over the years.

Before becoming Chair of Governors in September 2017, I was Chair of the Finance & Premises Committee and I am delighted to be able to continue to play a part in the school's future development.


Marie Griffiths (Co-opted Governor)

I have previously served on the Governing Body for four years as a Parent Governor and Vice-Chair. In 2012, I returned for a second term as a Co-opted Governor and I’m delighted to do so!

I have two children Joel and Lucy both of whom have now left Lindow and moved on to Wilmslow High. I have been lucky to experience many aspects of school life from helping on trips and doing Art in class to standing on the touchline at football tournaments and attending celebration assemblies.

Before moving to Wilmslow, I was a Senior Manager in the NHS for 13 years. After relocating with my husband’s job, I was able to spend a couple of years just being Mum. I now work for myself providing business support for local organisations including a charity in Stockport.

After all the above, I don’t have much spare time and most of that is spent on the side of sports pitches cheering on my children. 

Hannah Senior - Chair of Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Committee (Parent Governor)

I am originally from South Wales, I moved to Manchester after completing my degree in English and Drama in 1997, and to Wilmslow in 2004.  My children, Harry and Lydia, are in year 6 and year 3.  I am a full time Trade Union Officer, a role which frequently involves problem solving, in a wide variety of scenarios, where good communication and attention to detail are essential skills. I believe our most important job is helping our children achieve their full potential, and I became a Governor as I am keen to contribute and support the school community that I am proud to be a part of.

I serve on the Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare and Finance & Resources Committees.

Laura Fleming – Co-Chair of Finance & Resources Committee (Co-opted Governor)

I have lived around this area all my life and read Music at Bangor University and completed my PGCE at MMU.

I taught Music at Priestnall School in Stockport and then Parrs Wood High School in Manchester for 17 years and for 13 years was Head of Music. My husband, Richard, owns a growing Accountancy Practice in Wilmslow and so in 2012 I took the decision to leave my job in order to spend some time with my family.

I have three children, my twin boys Jamie and George and daughter Sadie have now moved on to Wilmslow High. Lindow has helped them all to become happy, confident individuals who strive to achieve.

I am delighted to be able to give some of my time and experience to Lindow and play a part in enabling our fantastic school to continue to move forward.

Kate Unwin – Co-Chair of Curriculum & Achievement (LA Appointed Governor)

After completing my BA (Hons) degree in English at Lancaster University and both an MA in English and a PGCE in Primary Education at The University of Manchester, I have worked in primary education for the past ten years as a class teacher across all phases of primary education, a SENCo, Deputy Headteacher and subsequently Headteacher initially in the North West but predominantly in London. I also have been very involved in teacher training at university level for a number of years. I currently work as an educational consultant as well as working part-time as a Partnership Tutor in the Department of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Having relocated back to the North West, I enjoy living in Prestbury with my husband, and our children.  

I am the LA appointed governor for the school and I currently co-chair the Curriculum & Achievement Committee and serve on the Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Committee. I am delighted to be able to give some of my time and relevant experience and knowledge of working in education to Lindow.

Jo Breakell – Vice-Chair of Governors & Co-Chair of Curriculum & Achievement (Co-opted Governor)

I have lived in Wilmslow for nearly 10 years, and am mum to Isabelle who is in Year 9 at Wilmslow High School and Henry who is in Year 6.

I currently work part-time in the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University where I run a student work experience programme. Prior to that I spent 14 years in the recruitment industry working for Hays as a Senior Manager.

I believe I am pragmatic, passionate and personable with a career that has given me a real insight into the skills our children will need as they travel through life. Lindow is a fantastic school and I am thrilled to be able to play an integral role in developing the school further to the benefit of all the children, teachers and parents.

I Co-Chair the Curriculum & Achievement Committee and also serve on the Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare Committee.

Gareth Jones (Co-opted Governor)

After completing my MSc in Science, and PGCE in Bangor University, I entered the teaching profession at a school in Ellesmere Port. I remained there for six years before being appointed Director of Science at Wilmslow High School. I have taught Science and Chemistry to all years groups and latterly taught Biology and Physics to BTEC students in sixth form for sixteen years and have enjoyed working with many memorable students. I have found working at the High School a fantastic place to work.

I live in Liverpool during the week and some weekends, when Liverpool FC are playing at home. On the whole I enjoy returning to my home, by the sea, in Colwyn Bay during the holidays and those weekends when Liverpool FC are playing away. There is nothing like an early morning walk on the beach to recharge those batteries.

During those sixteen years at the High School, I have reinforced the idea that Primary and Secondary education should be a seamless transition from one phase to the next. Until now, I have not been able to develop this idea beyond the High School. After joining the Governing Body I am now able to work with one of our successful feeder primary schools to share ideas and to be a part of the vision where we grow young people of character for this ever-changing world.

Lisa Oakes (Class Teacher and Staff Governor)


Craig McGuire (Parent Governor)