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Our Houses

All Lindow children are placed in one of four houses to encourage friendly competition. All siblings are placed in the same house.

House competition are also held throughout the school year, for example, cross-country and sports day. Congratulations to this year's Sports Day victors, Dunham House.

Each house is led by a member of staff and supported by a Year 6 House Captain. During the year each house adopts a charity and raises money via fundraising events.The houses are named after local landmarks...  

  • Dunham - Blue house    Head of House Miss Lightfoot
  • Lyme - Green house       Head of House Miss Pengelly 
  • Styal - Yellow house        Head of House Miss Smith
  • Tatton - Red house          Head of House Mr O'Keefe

Each week we have a 'winning house', based on the number of dojos won by house members during the week. The winning house is announced at assembly on Friday afternoon.

The winner for the first half of Autumn term is Dunham, the scores were:

1st Dunham 1749; 2nd Lyme 1740;  3rd Tatton 1707; 4th Styal 1595

Children in the winning house for the week are able to attend school the following Monday in their own clothes rather than school uniform.

Here are the scores for the first half of Autumn term...






This week

Winner 273

264 219 200

Total this half-term

1091 Leader 1107 958


For its annual fundraiser, Styal House organised a number of whole school activities for Children in Need Day 2021. 

In a day of Lindow Come Dancing and The Great Lindow Bake Off all children learned a dance to a song under the theme ‘Together We Can’ to raise money for those children less fortunate. The Year 5 and 6 Styal team did an amazing job of teaching their dance to children, right the way up the school.

What a brilliant day it was! Families got involved by sponsoring children to learn and take part in a ‘flash mob’ on the playground! We also had some really delicious Pudsey treats made and brought in to school to sell.

We raised over £850!