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Roles & Responsibilities

Lindow Head Girl and Head Boy

We appoint a Head Girl and a Head Boy twice in each school year. The Year 6 children who will represent us for the first half of the school year are announced in September. In February two other children take over for the second half of the year.

Our Head Girl and Head Boy for the second half of the school year are Orla and Joe. We know they will set a great example and be excellent ambassadors for our school.

Lindow Houses

Our House Captains for the second half of the school year are...

                                House Captains
 Imogen             Toby            Christopher       Jacob
  • Dunham    Imogen
  • Lyme          Toby
  • Styal           Christopher
  • Tatton        Jacob
School Council

Our School Council, comprising two pupils from each year group from Year 2 to Year 6 and a secretary. The members represent the views of their class and are invited to voice opinions on school decisions that affect them. For this term the members are:

Year 6: Arjan, James, Josh;  Year 5: Lydia, Harry B;  Year 4: Grace, Henry F;  

Year3: Sophia, Edward Year 2: Phoebe, Tilly;  

We also appoint Sports Ambassadors (see below) and  Junior Recycling Officers (Charlie & Willow Y4)

Sports Ambassadors
Sonny             Josh                   Harry                Max​​​​​​
School Librarians

Our Year five children take on responsibility for making sure Booktropolis is running smoothly, sorting and returning books, as well as helping our younger children to chose their new reading books at lunchtimes. Congratulations to Darcie, Henry, George, Dara and Felicity who have been chosen for this responsibility.


All our Year 6 children are 'buddies' for our new Reception children, helping them settle into school life.