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Year 1 - Miss Winch


Welcome to Year 1! Alongside me we have our lovely teaching assistant, Mrs Gerrard. 

In Year 1, we hope to create a caring and nurturing environment for the children to flourish as they make the transition from Early Years. We make the most of activity carousels to create small groups in which we can enjoy practical and stimulating learning opportunities. Whilst in Year 1, the children have many opportunities to become more independent problem solvers, such as choosing their lunch, organising the resources they need, or knowing what to do if they encounter a problem.

Throughout the year, we work to create an enticing environment in which the children can develop their Lindow Life Skills, some of which are being resilient, cooperative and aiming to be the best they can be, so we offer a year full or enriching learning experiences to prepare them for their journey into Year 2 and beyond. 

Creativity is something we thrive on in Year 1 and we use our learning time in subjects such as art, music, science, PE and many other subjects to immerse the children in practical and creative experiences. Please take a look at our curriculum map for more information about the topics covered this term. 

Throughout our time in Year 1, our ‘Lindow Life Skills’ are embedded within our learning and we aim to support our children to become caring, kind and responsible individuals with resilience who have a positive impact on their world around them. We really hope to equip the children with the tools to shine and be proud to be who they are!

To view our plans for the current term please click on the Curriculum button, alternatively download the pdf below.  

We also have our own class dojo page where children are given dojo points for working hard, good teamwork, perseverance etc. We post messages to the closed parent group, which is great for keeping in contact and sharing current learning.